Saturday, June 4, 2011

Probably nothing till next week

Probably.  Our Translator has things to do IRL till next week. Anyone else interested in translating go to /a/.

/a/ Collective Scanlation isn't a "group" perse. Everyone who helps out are volunteers who comes and goes as they please. It's just pure luck that we got a really fast and dedicated translator, typesetters and cleaners on our side for the last few days.

For anyone who's interested in helping out, here's an archive of one of our translation threads on /a/:

This is pretty much how we do things. We don't translate things in the "scene" style. It's meant to be a collective effort with anyone who can help out. An opensoutce version of a scanlation team. A danbooru that edits images if you will. That's why it's called /a/ Collective Scanlation in the first place.

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