Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm done

It's not fun anymore.

I accomplished what I originally set out to accomplish. Stupid of me to set my sights on more. This was suppose to be a fun hobby, but in the last few days it's turned into something well, not. I'm going back to being an anon, where I can call someone an arrogant cunt in peace and not have to worry about PR.

WCW_TL still seems to want to translate Usagi Drop and Moyashimon on /a/ so nothing really changed except I won't be part of it. It's perfectly possible WOW SCans might release it. If that doesn't happen, I'm sure people on /a/ will typeset it eventually.

I don't be maintain this site anymore so someone put all the scans on mangatraders and Lurk or something if it isn't already up there.

It was fun for most of the time. Goodbye.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The status of the Collective

Good News:
My Girl is the project that WCW_TL believes he is going to do after his break.
Iffy News:
I probably won't be the one to typeset and do all that other stuff for the My Girl.

What happened? Well, a few days ago I got drunk and I WAAAAAAY overreacted to a guy (I felt was) acting dickish towards me by acting extremely dickish towards him on /a/ and it spiraled out of control. As a result WCW_TL had to go into full on damage control mode and our working relationship currently is, well, a bit strained, but I don't believe to any major extent.

As a result he has expressed that he would rather work with someone else for My Girl in light of this incident and the fact that I've said previously that I would prefer working on Moyashimon and didn't particularly enjoy My Girl.

If Wcw_tl is going to be translating the same way we did Usagi Drop, than it is relatively simple for anyone with even slight knowledge of Photoshop (Like me when I first started Usagi Drop) to edit the image and text and anyone with a gmail account to create a blog to put it on when it's done. Just so you guys know, Baka-Updates doesn't accept any group without a site/IRC/Forum and doesn't count /a/ as one of those.

I'm sure this won't be a problem for My Girl, due to the surprisingly(to me anyway) high number of people who wants to see it done, but if no one typesets any of his My Girl translations after say a week or two, I'll probably typeset. But I'm sure most of you guys have photoshop skills. And even if you don't, the people on /a/ for the most part is surprisingly helpful to any translation projects.

Now what does this mean for Usagi Drop and hopefully Moyashimon? WCW_TL has expressed an interest at the very least to finish Usagi Drop with me, which is great. For Moyashimon he has said that if the 3rd Volume is released in the coming months, he probably won't do it, otherwise, he says he does intend to pick it up at a later time.

*For anyone interested in seeing me spiral out of control:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is anyone willing to buy and scan December to July's issues of Feel Young Magazine?

 We're out of Raws, too cheap to buy them ourselves despite it only costing around 20 bucks in total, and probably too lazy to scan them in if we had them. So we have to wait till at least August, when the takubon comes out and at that time some scanners in Japan will probably scan it and puts it on the web. 

Ch 47 
Mediafire fixed links

Ch 48

Ch 49 

Ch 50  
Mediafire fixed

What comes next for /a/ Collective Scanlations? Well it seems the translator would like to do another series after a short break but doesn't really know what series. If you have any ideas or recommendations just post them on /a/. Right now the series that the WCW translator mentioned that he might be interested in are

Of course, we might not be doing any of these. Or All of these. Or two of these. Or only one. Or even something completely different. I don't know. It all depends on what the translator is interested in doing.

In case anyone is willing to provide us raws

For the supposed Spinoff this month:

51-55 (Probably)

Note, I'm not really sure if ch51 is in the December issue or the January issue.
 I don't know how well these sites work or if they're willing to ship outside of Japan.  Heck, it's very possible that they could be digital copies as well, I don't know.

And I'll fix the links to Ch47 and 50 when I get back home later tonight.

*47 and 50  should be fixed.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I won't be able to make a thread today

If you're reading this, and have the time please make your own thread and start translating WCW translator. If not, see you next time.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ch 46

Ch 43v2 is done by the usual Anon who I've dubbed the Mysterious /a/non. I'll check everything out and release it tomorrow.

I guess I should also write it here since it's more visible. I was asked in the comment section about a My Girl thread on /a/ yesterday, and I'm assuming the anon is asking me to post the chapters on here. If that Anon who was translating My Girl on the /a/ thread wants to post it here, I'm more than happy to put it here. I know that Baka-Updates won't allow you to post a release without a project website.