Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm done

It's not fun anymore.

I accomplished what I originally set out to accomplish. Stupid of me to set my sights on more. This was suppose to be a fun hobby, but in the last few days it's turned into something well, not. I'm going back to being an anon, where I can call someone an arrogant cunt in peace and not have to worry about PR.

WCW_TL still seems to want to translate Usagi Drop and Moyashimon on /a/ so nothing really changed except I won't be part of it. It's perfectly possible WOW SCans might release it. If that doesn't happen, I'm sure people on /a/ will typeset it eventually.

I don't be maintain this site anymore so someone put all the scans on mangatraders and Lurk or something if it isn't already up there.

It was fun for most of the time. Goodbye.


  1. Thanks for all your work in getting this out man.

    /a/ appreciates your effort in getting a great manga caught up and translated for everyone!

  2. Look on the bright side.
    In the short time your group existed, you already put out more Usagi Drop releases than the former group.

    Thanks for the scanlations.


  3. yes, i greatly appreciate the work you've done.
    plus, the site looks amazing.

  4. great appreciate the work you put :)

  5. Thanks for your hard work. Really appreciate it. <3

    Sad to see it turn this sour... :(

  6. Many thanks for the amazing job.
    If it works then it works, if it ain't broke don't fix it, chaque son gout, etc... you did better than everyone else doing usagi so far, doing it your way. Those /a/nons can go fuck themselves with their huge e-peens.

  7. Thanks for all of your hard work!
    hopefully, new chapters will be released somehow(especially since there aren't many left).

  8. Thank you for all the amazing work you've done.


  9. Thank you so much ! We really appreciated all your hard work!
    Good luck with whatever your next endeavor may be~

  10. do you meant by /a/non scanlations?

    when to their front page, but see no usagi drop title on their list, so where can i get more of usagi drop after you guys are gone?

    if sensitive, mind e-mail the add to my email add,

    ty very much, for your contribution over these period of time

  11. Thank you for setting /a/ non :-), I was very happy to read usagi drop, I understand that you want to move on, and I just want to say that the effort and hard work from your team and you it's highly apprecited

    Take care !

  12. I'd love to "What did I say" but really....great you got released so much but in the end it's dropped like I said it would....

    WCW will continue you say but...that means that WCW should release something, right? TITSORGTFO, aight? So far it's been 8 days and nothing...

    So you took a project from another group cuz they were slow instead of helping them, released chapters while they decided to drop it since you were taking it up and then you dropped it...bravo. Now we can all wish for someone else to give us the end since....experience tells me lots of projects dies this way. Exactly the shit I wrote to you as comments in the first few post you made.

    Sad day for usagi when you dropped it, dunno who will come with the good days to us.

  13. As he said, WCW is still going to translate it, the last volume release for the raws should show up on or around July ninth, since it hasn't even been released yet afaik. Just settle down and stop shitting your britches over silly stuff when you don't even know what's going on.

  14. 8 days? STOP THE PRESSES

  15. so i read from MAL, that the last was chp55, and now i stuck on 50.

    and i can't seems to find the scan group mentioned like, WCW, (too much irrelevant result by google)
    and /a/ main page doesn't seems to have any trace of Usagi Drop.
    any link or google keyword, needing help here

  16. >WOWscans will probably continue it with WCW translator continuing to provide the translations.

    Well, searching "wowscans" in google brings up the appropriate site as the first result.

    >the last volume release for the raws should show up on or around July ninth, since it hasn't even been released yet afaik

    Not sure why you'd expect to find the last five chapters translated when the ETA on the raws was already explained though.

  17. oh., last 5chps not out yet?
    sry my bad.
    Well was thinking why not, this site continue the last 5 chp of Usagi drop, to make a nicer end.

    Either way thx, at least i know where to get the last 5 chp in future.
    Ty so much you guys

  18. wowscan... the one i got was full of ecchi/H manga, is that the one you meant?!

  19. 5 chapters... You couldn't hold out for 5 chapters? All of my sadness

  20. i see not a glimpse of usagi drop there..
    ecchi, H, trap manga =/

  21. Jesus fucking christ. I've said it twice. The raws came out fucking today. It'll be out sometime soon, but give our provider time to scan it, send it to us, for WCW to translate it, and all that.

  22. Many thanks for the amazing job and we greatly appreciate the work you've done.

    We realy love Usagi drop, and we appreciate all this info that you provide us.

    Best regards

    (sorry for my awful English)

  23. I will post when I TL and finish TL of the chapters on my site. Please watch that if you want to be up to date on the progress for that end. Wowscans will update you on the rest of the chain after that.

    Beyond that, perhaps have a little faith in our work? I've had a pretty good record for delivery so far, and wowscans has had their act together for a while it seems.

  24. Hrmm, I'll have to keep a lookout for those last 5. I was sad when we had to drop it from J-SIS. (We didn't do licensed stuff) Even if I was the most impatient member of the team. thanks for the chapters you guys got to.

  25. Usagi drop vol 9 scans :

    pls translate it for us , my japanese isnt enough thak you i love you

  26. I'm sure they already had the scans.

  27. ow it's perfect but i'm crazy of waiting thanks a lot

  28. Thank you very much for your work on Usagi Drop. I had practically given up hope to ever see it done until you guys stepped in. It's too bad you couldn't see it finished, but it happens a lot and whining about it doesn't get us anywhere.
    Btw, ch.51 was uploaded by WOWscans today. Hopefully we will see this series completed soon!

  29. Well, I'm not quite sure what's going on here (I haven't followed what seems to be something going on between groups) but I wanted to say THANK YOU for your hard, excellent work on Usagi Drop recently. I love the manga, and have been buying it legit as well to support the artist. But it's just on book 3 now, and who wants to wait forever (let alone if it ever gets published). So I'm doing my part, but as well, wanted to read further ahead. THANK YOU for allowing those of us who really love the series to see quite a bit ahead. I'm not sure what's going on, but I wanted to thank you for doing a whole bunch of chapters. Much appriciated. And don't let things get you down. Again, not knowing what happened, but give it some time, and who knows, maybe it'll become fun again, either for this series or for another series in the future. But thank you for doing all that you did. A lot of people don't bother to take the time to write or post a comment, but I wanted you to know how much it's appriciated.

  30. thank you very much for all the work you and your team have done. I've just discovered your team, unfortunetly too late.
    good luck

  31. Well, really thanks for those released. Have a good life. Thank you !

  32. God give, God take away... It's a hard decision, I had ever the same problem, not comments, not words, but much members and my work. You fighted to the end ... Or not? ;) Fight!!

    Regards and thanks!!

  33. Hello,

    I've been seeing your name on a few new scanlations at Batoto again. Just wondering if this was you or someone using your group's name?

  34. /a/ is /a/
    That's all
    Just like you watch on the news, not a singularity.