Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chapter 37

All thanks to the anon who translated the last two chapter of Witch Craft Works, who now DOES have an interest in this title.

With any luck 40 will be out by tomorrow. 

Edit: Oh, also anyone know how I can get my hands on chapter 51-55 of Usagi Drop? Can't find it anywhere. And can't buy it on hon-to.


  1. Thanks a lot!!! everybody wanted to see this manga translated.

  2. i don't think there are any more chapters after ch50 . Vol 8 is the final volume.

  3. Thanx for the chapter.Also,where can i download witchcraft works?

  4. I look for vol 9 in internet and they said that it will release in 8 Jun !?

  5. From Scantily:

  6. so are u collaborating with scantily?

    and cant buy raws here raws for vol 8

  7. My, my.. and I think competition is always a good thing. Those who want to wait for scantily will wait, and those who don't want, won't. Quite easy.

    Scanlation should be done for fans by fans and if someone want to do an independent work, it's his/her choice.

    And joining a group doing said project isn't mandatory, nor announcing to them your resolve to do said project.

    During my work for a scanlation group some time ago I don't remember doing it to recieve praise or get alot of post count on a said group forum.
    We did it, because we enjoyed it and if someone took our project under their wing we still did it simply because we liked the series. Isn't this easy?
    No complaints, no regrets, no accusing others of stealing the project. They did their job and we did ours.


  8. Thanks so much for the awesome scanlation! :D

    Btw, might I ask, where may I find the Witch Craft Works chapters you were alluding to?

  9. Someone edited the images but no one saved them or archived them it seems. You can ask for the translation on /a/. And there's a chapter 7 PSD on /a/ as well.