Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ch 46

Ch 43v2 is done by the usual Anon who I've dubbed the Mysterious /a/non. I'll check everything out and release it tomorrow.

I guess I should also write it here since it's more visible. I was asked in the comment section about a My Girl thread on /a/ yesterday, and I'm assuming the anon is asking me to post the chapters on here. If that Anon who was translating My Girl on the /a/ thread wants to post it here, I'm more than happy to put it here. I know that Baka-Updates won't allow you to post a release without a project website.



    And for anyone interested in the thread today. Though it wholly consists of me editing so far......

    If you're in the thread, please give it a courtesy bump so that the translator might be able to see it.

  2. I'm just planning to sleep and want to check one more time today and new chapter comes out!

    Thank guy...

  3. i love you so much

  4. Impressive! You really really are fast! Thank you sososososo much for your very very hard work!!! ^v^

  5. Whoa, there's a My Girl thread too? Can someone post the link to it? Btw, thanks for all the scans so far. You guys are awesome.

  6. Was shocked to come back from vacation to find a deluge of Usagi Drop releases. I've already read up to ch50, but it'll be nice reading it in English to check if I mistranslated any bits.

    Thanks a bunch!! You guys pwn the former slow-ass group that did this.

    BTW, Not uyre if it's rude to ask here (if it is, I humbly apologize), but does anyone have ch51 raw? ... Been searching for it forever without much luck.

  7. Great shot, kid! That was one in a million.