Thursday, June 2, 2011

I guess we are that lucky

 Ch 41

I guess this is a response to Scantily Clad. Sorry for taking this project. Sorry for any feelings hurt. We're probably going to be done with volume 7 in the next two days. If you'd like to help just come to the /a/ threads. We'd gladly give you guys credit for anything you guys do to help. Any and all help is appreciated.


  1. i love you guess so much for doing this.

  2. As a reader, I guess I should thank you for doing this, but I'm an scanlator myself and I've been before in the same position of scantly clad. What you did was just wrong. If you offer help first and get rejected, that's one thing, but if you just take an active project because you can, well, that's an extremely rude way to spit on the scanaltor's face who was giving his best - which wasn't obviously up to your standards. That's what I feel when i'm in the same position of scantly clad. In any case, this is an illegal hobby and what i say here has no value at all, this is just my two cents. But saying sorry doesn't fix anything either, what it's done, it's done.

    mmm. funny think - an anon scanlation that doesn't allow anon comments.

  3. Thank you guys so much! Been great so far and the threads are awesome too (at least until they get derailed).

  4. Thank you guys so much for doing this!!!
    Now about you and SC-from objective side,they say they have problems with translator but not with editing,you have problems with editing but not with translator.It would be great if two of you could join and work together if you're willing to.

  5. I was waiting for a really long time for this series to move forward...Scantily clad did a good job, but their releases were rather far apart (not that I don't appreciate their work just as I do yours). If they don't want to give this project up, you could always work on it jointly, like Highlanders and Trollscans did on Working. That way the work will be divided, and you'd both get credit. After all, I'm sure there's enough work for both groups to do.

  6. This is none of my buisness, but i think that what you did wasn't wrong. The reason is that they were having trouble and you could do it. It also brought the manga that everyone loves to everyone in a timely fashion. They should thank you and start a couple ahead of you or work with you instead of throwing a fit. This is just a leeches two cents. Again i would like to thank you for everything

  7. to all the haters that feel like they are the owners of the series the are shamelesly stealing... (insert insulting word here)!
    if some other people feels like they want to scanlate something they LIKE and spend their free time and get nothing in exchange but satisfaction.. THEY ARE FREE TO DO IT. what makes you think you have the right to say "that is our project" put yourselves in the place of the author who is living out of what you are stealing, would you feel either of you is ok?

    the only thing i'm against "stealing projects" is waisting your time, cause, you can be faster if you help each other

  8. Thanks bro, keep up your good work

  9. unagimaru;

    1) I know that you don't work with scans otherwise you wouldn't say that crap.

    2) No one is free to do anything. This is a licensed serie, doing it is illegal. This is also out in english so doing it while it's out in english, well you got no excuse as:"Well it's noy out in english so I'm releasing it to make it more popular or read it."

    3) This scanlator couldn't wait and instead of going to help, it was easier to just snatch it. Wait, what? If you don't like a groups speed you go and ask them if you can help them. If they are retards then it's totally fine but I'm 99% sure that they wouldn't be like that since nearly every group need staff. O.o

    4) Now to the hate...well I'm not hating. I just don't want this title to die. Like everyone else who reads usagi drop I want this to be completed and in good quality(Great that we got a v2 now...I saw first edit *gasp* thanks myst anon). The project dies when one group dropping it and then another too cuz they don't want to or cant work on it anymore because the first group dropped it and there's no need to be fast anymore. I've seen too many a times.

    5) We at the scanlation scene normally let 3 months go by before we take over other groups projects out of respect or when they drop it officially. What's wrong with that? Otherwise we would be a dog eats dog world, you wouldn't get this many series and I wouldn't bother working on stuff for others to read.

    6) Does this mean that after usagi drop there's another title you feel being too slow and will do it? lolololololol

    7) sorry for hurting you....can you be sorry if you do it on purpose? I wonder how the stonesthrowers would feel if the israel soldiers shot them and said: sorry for hurting you? roflmao /me goes to /b/ to ask :P

  10. @T1
    Waah waah waah

    Not only can you work with scans you can also tell what people do just by reading a few typed out words.

    Can you tell what finger I'm holding up for you? Even the people without your magical image editing powers can.

    I love it when people from the "scene" complain that another person/group steals their project. The whole reason that people don't want to join a group is because of the uptight, holier-than-thou, elitest attitude that exists on the "scene" such as yours. The whole fan scanlations started when manga was not available in their language or the licensee was holding the rights and not releasing anything.

    And now you want to append that with your honor among theives code with: A) offer your services to the chaos that is causing releases to languish. B) just continue waiting months until the chaos has caused the project to implode. C) Since it's already licensed, back off or purist will get all self-righteous.

    It was stated very early on that this was only done with the help of /a/ and would stop if SC released chapters again. There was no claim of taking a project. None of this matters and you felt that you should jump up and let people know that everyone should act according to your values.

    Will this inspire more people to pick up titles that have stopped? As a fan I hope so.

    I'm not sorry if I hurt your feelings. I could care less if I hurt your feelings. And even if you do respond about your feelings, I will just direct the aforementioned digit in your direction once again. Should I also direct it at your stonethrowers and Isreali soldiers just to make it fair? Well, I don't care what you think or feel so I'll do it only if I feel like it.