Monday, June 13, 2011

In case anyone is willing to provide us raws

For the supposed Spinoff this month:

51-55 (Probably)

Note, I'm not really sure if ch51 is in the December issue or the January issue.
 I don't know how well these sites work or if they're willing to ship outside of Japan.  Heck, it's very possible that they could be digital copies as well, I don't know.

And I'll fix the links to Ch47 and 50 when I get back home later tonight.

*47 and 50  should be fixed.


  1. I could donate money if someone was willing to buy and scan the remaining chapters since it would be impossible for me to buy the magazines n I really want to see the end although after reading the last few chapters I am not sure about it anymore...

  2. Is chapter 55 the last chapter of the whole series?

  3. Yeah, but like I said, there is a "spinoff".

    Apparently this month, it's about when Rin was still a child.