Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Usagi Drop Ch 38-39

Ch 38
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Ch 39

If by any chance Scantily Clad releases a barrage of chapters after this, I will immediately stop my attempt at a scanlation project and let them do it. 

I will also do this if  Hachimitsu-Scans new mystery project turns out to be Usagi Drop.

What: Translation "Project" for Usagi Drop from Chapter 38 and up.

Why: I wanted to read Usagi Drop, especially after the Kouki arc. Scantily-Clad were slow, the official releases were even slower so I decided to read some it on my own. But I needed a dictionary in order to read anything. After reading it like that for a while I figured since I was already doing so much work just trying to read the damn thing I might as well put everything onto a page.

Well it turned out to be much harder than expected. You see, when you're reading it personally it's alright if you're not 100%  certain what a sentence means as long as you got the gist of it. Can't do that for a scanlation. So, after doing 13 pages, I gave up the whole idea of going at this alone like Hox did. MY Japanese just isn't good enough. Instead I figured since there are many fans of Usagi Drop on 4chan's /a/ and many translators that roams there like Hox, Conan, and an assortment of others, I might as well ask them for help.

Status: The results are that 2 chapters are done in less than 6 days. This is thanks to the hard work of 4 different Anon-TL's, but especially to the Anon-TL that did Ch 7-8 of Witch Craft Works who translated a whole text intensive chapter in less than a day. Also thanks to Reef who helped cleaned the scans, and Anon of Jacksonville and another Anon who promised to retypeset Ch 38-39 and typeset the new translations as they come out.

Needed: A team. /a/ is a fickle beast. Everyone on /a/ that's helping out are only helping out due to the kindness of their own hearts. The Translator who did the most work even said that this manga wasn't really his thing. We do not have a real team. Hell, the only "real" member is me, Reef and maybe Anon of Jacksonville.

The last two days of begging for someone to help translate garnered 0 translators, though the last week I did get 4 different Translators to help out.

I figured I needed actual dedicated translators to this project would be more effective than constantly posting the same images on /a/ everyday (Although I still am going to do that till everything is translated). What better way to get the attention of some translators than getting the word out there?


  1. Thats what I call impatience.
    never thought about joining Scantily if you think the releases are slow?
    Specially since you seem to have a bit of japanese knowledge yourself.
    I'm sure they could have helped you polish up your skills.
    But no, you just had to kick them in the balls.
    Good job, bro.

  2. I just got two questions:

    There's a trillion (well not really but it's close) of dropped projects; why not take up one of those? Annoying other groups because they haven't released for 43 days isn't the way to go (well if it had been 3 months then it would be totally understandable). It doesn't mean they will go rawrrr and release a lot. It just doesn't work that way (anymore...)

    Now tell me what you would do if Scantily decided to drop it because someone(that's you) "really" wanted to do this title? That would result it one thing that I'm quite sure of. The death of this project. Your depending on /a/ is...well you don't depend on them and you know very well why. Your chance of getting a dedicated translator (japanese of course) would be just as big as the big groups getting one these days. You translating the manga yourself....well you saw how hard it was for you...so...maybe 5 chapters max?!

    I have to agree with PROcess, I would have gone to Scantily and joined them for usagi and been there at least until it was done. That way I could affect the group to release more of usagi and enjoy the rest of it faster. ;)

  3. Meh, who cares. They drop it they drop it. Can't do anything about that now.

  4. As a reader I don't particularly care what group releases something as long as they're not fighting over the same thing and wasting manpower, and with Scantily Clad currently setting a blistering pace of one chapter every 3 months, I don't see any argument for these guys to join SC when they're going well enough themselves. It's not like Scantily own the project or something.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapters, keep up the good work.


    but heads up to you tomacata, i'm willing to help you on your project

    i studied in japan for a year until the earthquake happened and they sent me home and although my japanese isn't that good, i've always wanted to try scanlating

    i also have a japanese girlfriend, so i can ask for help haha

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  7. Right... so why would you decide to start scanlating with chapter 38 when 36 and 37 are still left untranslated? What's the point of reading it if we don't know what happened prior to it? That's like picking up an unscanlated series, but starting 5 chapters in.

    I was pretty excited to be able to read some new chapters of this. Seems like I'll have to continue waiting.